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Number of Publications in Each Research Category

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1) The Curse of Ham: Biblical Justification for Racial Inequality?

               By Charles David Isbell (pp. 1-11)

Dialogues in Philosophy

2) On Behalf of Resurrection: A Second Reply to Cavin and Colombetti

               By Stephen T. Davis (pp. 13-24)

3) Why Religious Experience Cannot Justify Religious Belief

               By David Kyle Johnson (pp. 26-46)


Social-Scientific and Philosophy Research

4) The Influence of Humanism on the Main Magisterial Reformers


               By John F. Lingelbach (pp. 48-64)

5) Atheism is Global Atheism


               By Jack David Eller (pp. 66-86)

6) Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea? Re-Examining Christian Engagement with Ba’athism in Syria and Iraq


               By Louis Elton (pp. 88-110)

Ministry Research

7) Hermeneutic Applications from the Patristic Exegetes


               By James D. Johansen (pp. 112-41)

Invited Position Papers

The authors were asked to address the following topic:

Respond to John Hartung's now (in)famous article, "Love Thy Neighbor: The Evolution of In-Group Morality," where he argues that Jesus was not, in fact, commanding his followers to love all people (like nonbelieving Gentiles). Rather, "love thy neighbor" applied only to fellow Jews. Answer whether or not you agree with Hartung's conclusion and explain why.

8) Love Thy Neighbor: The Expansive Command

               By Steven Bishop (pp. 143-55)

9) “From Every Tribe and Tongue and People and Nation”: The All-Inclusive Group


               By David G. Hellwig (pp. 157-71)

Book Reviews

10) Judaism and Jesus, By Zev Garber and Kenneth Hanson

               By Eugene J. Fisher (pp. 173-87)


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