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SHERM Journal does not charge any costs related to reviewing and publishing articles.

What we offer:
•       Fair and friendly proposal review.
•       Paperback and eBook formats.
•       Promotion and distribution to libraries and scholars worldwide through our international network of booksellers and distributors.
•       A guarantee to be always in stock with our unique print-on-demand global distribution system.   
•       Dedicated support from our editorial and publications team.
•       Initial complimentary PDF copy of your article.
•       Discoverable by the worldwide academic community and permanently indexed with a unique DOI number.
•       Competitive retail pricing to encourage sales.

How to Submit Your Article
in 3 Easy Steps:

Image by Brad Neathery

Step #1

Author Guidelines

First, before submitting, be sure your article adheres precisely to the Author Guidelines document by clicking below. 

Image by Thomas Kelley

Step #2

SHERM MSS Template

Second, paste your article onto the SHERM MSS Template in the exact same format as displayed on the template.

Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 10.01.22

Step #3

Submit Your Article

Last, once you have completed the first two steps, click below to submit your article.

All Submissions Must Adhere to Our 
Ethics and Malpractice Statement

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