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Number of Publications in Each Research Category

Table of Contents


1) What is the Socio-Historical Method in the Study of Religion?

               By Darren M. Slade (pp. 1-15)

2) Essays Introducing a Jewish Perspective on the Gospel of John

               By Charles David Isbell (pp. 17-26)

Dialogues in Philosophy

3) Craig on the Resurrection: A Defense

               By Stephen T. Davis (pp. 28-35)

4) The Implausibility and Low Explanatory Power of the Resurrection Hypothesis—With a Rejoinder to Stephen T. Davis

 By Robert Greg Cavin &
Carlos A. Colombetti
(pp. 37-94)


Social-Scientific and Philosophy Research

5) Imagined as us-American: Patriotic Music, Religion, and Violence Post-9/11

               By David Kwon (pp. 96-120)

6) Identifying the Conflict between Religion and Science

               By David Kyle Johnson (pp. 122-48)

7) Agnomancy: Conjuring Ignorance, Sustaining Belief

               By Jack David Eller (pp. 150-80)


Invited Position Papers

The authors were asked to answer the following question:

“Can or should faith (specifically, religious faith) be considered an epistemology? If yes, what makes faith an epistemological method? If no, what epistemological methods preclude faith from being considered?”

8) Is Faith a Path to Knowledge?

               By Evan Fales (pp. 182-205)

9) Faith and Epistemology: Religious Truth Claims and Epistemic Warrant

               By Julius Gurney III (pp. 207-16)

Ministry Research

10) Judaism and Evolutionary Astrology: Insights from a Jewish Astrologer

               By Elisa Robyn (pp. 218-26)

Book Reviews

11) The Case Against Miracles, Edited by John W. Loftus

               By Gregory Michna (pp. 228-34)


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