ISBN: 978-1-5326-8495-1

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Table of Contents

Social-Scientific Research

1) "Grenz and Franke’s Post-Foundationalism and the Religion Singularity"


               By Jeshua B. Branch  (pp. 1-9)


2) "First Century Christian Diversity: Historical Evidence of a Social Phenomenon"


               By John F. Lingelbach  (pp. 11-20)

Invited Position Papers

3) "A Cultural Cognition Perspective on Religion Singularity: How Political Identity Influences Religious Affiliation"


               By Kevin S. Seybold  (pp. 21-28)


4) "Is the Disintegration of Christianity a Problem—or Even a Surprise?"


               By Jack David Eller  (pp. 29-38)

Ministry Research

5) "Conditions for the Great Religion Singularity"


               By Brian D. McLaren  (pp. 40-49)


6) "Responses to the Religion Singularity: A Rejoinder"


               By Darren M. Slade, Kenneth W. Howard  (pp. 51-74)

Book Reviews

7) Book Review of Crossing Boundaries, Redefining Faith


               By Robert D. Francis  (pp. 76-83)


ISBN: 978-1-5326-8495-1

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