Christian / Church History:


First Century Church History / Primitive Christianity:

First Century Christian Diversity: Historical Evidence of a Social Phenomenon


               By John F. Lingelbach  (Vol. 1, No. 1)

Responses to the Religion Singularity: A Rejoinder


               By Darren M. Slade, Kenneth W. Howard  (pp. 51-74)

Patristic Exegesis: The Myth of the Alexandrian-Antiochene Schools of Interpretation


               By Darren M. Slade  (vol. 1, no. 2 - Fall 2019 - pp. 155-176)

Craig on the Resurrection: A Defense

               By Stephen T. Davis (pp. 28-35)

The Implausibility and Low Explanatory Power of the Resurrection Hypothesis—With a Rejoinder to Stephen T. Davis

 By Robert Greg Cavin &
Carlos A. Colombetti
(pp. 37-94)

Essays Introducing a Jewish Perspective on the Gospel of John

               By Charles David Isbell (pp. 17-26)

The Influence of Humanism on the Main Magisterial Reformers


               By John F. Lingelbach (pp. 48-64)

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