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Love Thy Neighbor: The Expansive Command

Steven Bishop

Vol. 2, No. 2

Fall 2020

Pages: 143-155

DOI: 10.33929/sherm.2020.vol2.no2.08


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Invited Position Paper

John Hartung, Steven Bishop, Love, Leviticus, Jesus, Morality, Hermeneutics, Neighbor, Love Thy Neighbor

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John Hartung asserted in “Love Thy Neighbor: The Evolution of In-Group Morality” that the command to love, and the later use of it by Jesus, does not apply to everyone but only to those within one’s own group. Through a close reading of Leviticus and the Gospel of Matthew, this essay questions Hartung’s hermeneutic and assesses his conclusion as erroneous. By interrogating the world of the text using a literary method, this essay argues for an appreciation of the complexity of the language and the importance of literary context.


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