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Book Review: The Date of the Muratorian Fragment By John F. Lingelbach

Lucy C. Bajjani

Vol. 3, No. 1

Summer 2021

Pages: 194-197

DOI: 10.33929/sherm.2021.vol3.no1.10



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Book Review

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Lucy C. Bajjani, Muratorian Fragment, Early Church History, New Testament Canon, Inference to the Best Explanation, Historiography, John F. Lingelbach

This book seeks to put an end to the debate concerning the date of production of the Muratorian Fragment by applying the second phase of the Inference to the Best Explanation method. The author presents extensive research on the debates, a clear methodology, and his own conclusions on the subject. This is a book mainly about New Testament canons and church authority, but also church history and historiography.


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