Is Metaphysics a Science?

Thomas J. Burke

Vol. 1, No. 2

Fall 2019

Pages: 252-273

Is Metaphysics a Science?

DOI: 10.33929/sherm.2019.vol1.no2.08



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Position Paper

Theology, Metaphysics, Science, Knowledge, Thomas J. Burke, Cultural Comparison, Exegesis

Once esteemed as the highest form of knowledge, the legitimacy of metaphysics as a rational discipline has been severely challenged since the rise of modern science, particularly since it seemed that while the latter reached overall consensus, the disputes in the former seemed interminable. The question naturally arises whether metaphysics could ever achieve the status of a science. The following article presents the view that metaphysics is not nor could ever become a science in the sense of the modern “hard” sciences today because a) it seeks a different sort of knowledge, which b) cannot be acquired by the methods of modern science; and c) metaphysics serves a different cognitive purpose than the sort of knowledge that science can provide. It is, nevertheless, a rational subject, one in fact that supplies the necessary rational foundation for the positive sciences.


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