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Identifying the Conflict between Religion and Science

David Kyle Johnson

Vol. 2, No. 1

Spring 2020

Pages: 122-148

DOI: 10.33929/sherm.2020.vol2.no1.06


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Social-Scientific Research

David Kyle Johnson, Science-Religion Conflict, Science, Religion, Miracles, Prayer, Soul

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Inspired by Stephen J. Gould’s NOMA thesis, it is commonly maintained among academic theists (and some atheists) that religion and science are not in conflict. This essay will argue, by analogy, that science and religion undeniably are in conflict. It will begin by quickly defining religion and science and then present multiple examples that are unquestionable instances of unscientific reasoning and beliefs and show how they precisely parallel common mainstream orthodox religious reasoning and doctrines. It will then consider objections. In essence, this article will show that religion and science conflict when religion encroaches into the scientific domain. But in closing, it will show that they might also conflict when science encroaches into domains traditionally reserved for religion.


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