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Conditions for the Great Religion Singularity

Brian D. McLaren

Vol. 1, No. 1

Spring 2019

Pages: 40-49

DOI: 10.33929/sherm.2019.vol1.no1.05


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Ministry Research

Brian McLaren, Brian D. McLaren, Religion Singularity, Law of Interdependent Origination, Institutional Christianity, Adaptability, Moral Failure

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Rational Faith.png

Applying the Buddhist “law of interdependent origination,” which states that if the conditions are right, a particular phenomenon may exist, Brian McLaren provides ten conditional factors that he believes have contributed to Ken Howard’s “religion singularity” (i.e. the multi-faceted collapse of institutional Christianity). Each condition falls under two main categories: either a lack of rapid adaptability in religious institutions or the moral failure of institutional leaders. The ten conditional factors include authoritarian centralization, betrayal of the religious founder’s non-violence, a history of unacknowledged atrocities, military imperialism, white supremacy, scandals, reaction against scientific inquiry, doubling down on dualism, integrated and change-averse institutional systems, and paralysis and nostalgia.


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