How does the SHERM peer-review process work?

Generally, published articles will have undergone a four-phase review process by qualified academics and specialists in the relevant field of study:

1) All manuscript submissions will be sent directly to a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for initial review in order to evaluate the manuscript’s suitability for publication in SHERM, as well as the manuscript’s overall scholastic merit. If the manuscript does not meet either of these first two criteria, the main author will be notified of the submission’s initial rejection by email. If the manuscript does meet these first two criteria, the manuscript will then enter the second review phase (without notification to the main author).

2) A member of the Editorial Advisory Board will initiate a double-blind review process for each manuscript by assigning at least two peer-reviewers to each submission. These peer-reviewers may sometimes be other members of the Editorial Advisory Board or they may be scholars or religious specialists outside of SHERM who specialize in the article's field of study. The process is “double-blind” in the sense that none of the peer-reviewers will know the identity or credentials of the submitting author(s) in order to ensure the evaluation is based strictly on the manuscript’s scholastic research, quality of writing, significance of content, and contribution to the broader academic community. Hence, it is essential for the submitting author(s) to eliminate any and all self-identifying references so as to maintain the integrity of the review process. Failure to eliminate these self-identifying references will result in an automatic rejection of the manuscript.

3) In order to be accepted for publication, each manuscript requires two “approvals” from two peer-reviewers. If the manuscript is rejected by one or both reviewers, the main author will receive notification by email. If the manuscript is accepted by both reviewers, then the main author will be notified by email with further instructions regarding revisions necessary for publication, as well as a deadline to complete the needed amendments. Once complete, the main author will resubmit the article directly to the General Editor by email for publication formatting.

4) After the General Editor has formatted the manuscript, the main author will receive a copy of the article for one last review to ensure accuracy of the final product. Once the author(s) has approved the manuscript, the article will be officially published in an upcoming issue of SHERM.

Note: all manuscripts will be submitted to an online plagiarism checker to ensure academic integrity and originality.


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Can I resubmit a MSS if it is rejected the first time?

Yes, SHERM will accept a MSS that has been submitted once before so long as substantial revisions were made according to the reviewer comments.

All SHERM peer-reviewers adhere to "COPE Ethical Guidelines
for Peer Reviewers."

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