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Number of Publications in Each Research Category

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History and Philosophy Research

1) Saul the Sadducee? A Rabbinical Thought Experiment


               By Charles David Isbell  (pp. 85-119)

2) The Relevance (and Irrelevance) of Questions of Personhood (and Mindedness) to the Abortion Debate


               By David Kyle Johnson  (pp. 121-153)

3) Patristic Exegesis: The Myth of the Alexandrian-Antiochene Schools of Interpretation


               By Darren M. Slade  (pp. 155-176)


Invited Position Papers

The authors were asked to answer the following question:

“Can the study of theology and/or metaphysics be classified currently or ever qualify in the future as a scientific endeavor? Why or why not? If yes, what criteria or methods would need to be in place and practiced to make them scientific? If no, what is it about ‘science’ that prevents theology and/or metaphysics from qualifying?"

4) The Science of Unknowable and Imaginary Things


               By Jack David Eller  (pp. 178-201)

5) Comparative Metaphysics and Theology as a Scientific Endeavor: A Ruist (Confucian) Perspective


               By Bin Song  (pp. 203-224)

6) Theology, Metaphysics, and Science: Twenty-First Century Hermeneutical Allies, Strangers, or Enemies?


               By Peter M. Antoci  (pp. 226-239)

7) Theology as a Science: An Historical and Linguistic Approach


               By Mark Moore  (pp. 241-250)

8) Is Metaphysics a Science?


               By Thomas J. Burke  (pp. 252-273)

9) Theology and Metaphysics as Scientific Endeavors


               By Kirk R. MacGregor (pp. 275-289)

Social-Scientific and Ministry Research

10) Religious Involvement and Bridging Social Ties: The Role of Congregational Participation


               By Stephen M. Merino (pp. 291-308)

11) Grounding Discernment in Data: Strategic Missional Planning Using GIS Technology and Market Segmentation Data


               By Kenneth W. Howard (pp. 310-325)

Book Reviews

12) The Structure of Theological Revolutions: How the Fight Over Birth Control Transformed American Catholicism by Mark S. Massa, S. J.


               By Peter K. Fay (pp. 327-333)

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