The Relevance (and Irrelevance) of Questions of Personhood (and Mindedness) to the Abortion Debate


               By David Kyle Johnson  (pp. 121-153)

Craig on the Resurrection: A Defense

               By Stephen T. Davis (pp. 28-35)

The Implausibility and Low Explanatory Power of the Resurrection Hypothesis—With a Rejoinder to Stephen T. Davis

 By Robert Greg Cavin &
Carlos A. Colombetti
(pp. 37-94)

Identifying the Conflict between Religion and Science

               By David Kyle Johnson (pp. 122-48)

Is Faith a Path to Knowledge?

               By Evan Fales (pp. 182-205)

Faith and Epistemology: Religious Truth Claims and Epistemic Warrant

               By Julius Gurney III (pp. 207-16)

On Behalf of Resurrection: A Second Reply to Cavin and Colombetti

               By Stephen T. Davis (pp. 13-24)

Why Religious Experience Cannot Justify Religious Belief

               By David Kyle Johnson (pp. 26-46)

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