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The Implausibility and Low Explanatory Power of the Resurrection Hypothesis—With a Rejoinder to Stephen T. Davis

Robert Greg Cavin and Carlos A. Colombetti

Vol. 2, No. 1

Spring 2020

Pages: 37-94

DOI: 10.33929/sherm.2020.vol2.no1.04


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Dialogues in Philosophy

Stephen T. Davis, Resurrection Hypothesis, Standard Model, Particle Physics, William Lane Craig, Explanatory Power, Explanatory Scope, Robert Greg Cavin, Carlos A. Colombetti, Legend hypothesis, Inference to the Best Explanation, Criteria of Adequacy, Jesus, Christianity, Apologetics, Alvin Plantinga

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We respond to Stephen T. Davis’ criticism of our earlier essay, “Assessing the Resurrection Hypothesis.” We argue that the Standard Model of physics is relevant and decisive in establishing the implausibility and low explanatory power of the Resurrection hypothesis. We also argue that the laws of physics have entailments regarding God and the supernatural and, against Alvin Plantinga, that these same laws lack the proviso “no agent supernaturally interferes.” Finally, we offer Bayesian arguments for the Legend hypothesis and against the Resurrection hypothesis.


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